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Our Story

Diamond Works - computer company with specialization on designing and visualizing jewelry, was founded in 2010, as family business. Two engineers - two brothers, saw a need of the industry in new technologies and founded a company with a simple and clear purpose:
- Improve the quality of jewelry presentation in the Internet.
- Speed up and simplify the process of creating images and videos for the clients.
- Help to launch jewelry business without huge production costs.
A lot of time has passed since then, we changed technologies, software, and equipment. Our team has grown and matured - this is a team of professionals. But one thing remained unchanged - our goal, our mission.
Our skill, knowledge, and experience we use for those simple purpose: improve the quality, ease usage and help the client.
And feedback from our customers shows that we are on the right way - we produce about 200 CAD models, 2500 stunning images and 600 Full HD amazing quality video per month.
In cooperation with Diamond Works, you get the newest technologies of 3D and high-skilled specialists, who love what they do and ready for challenging projects.

Why we are?

We are proud of our achievements. Look what we’ve already have reached.

+8 Years

Since 2010 we improved our skills, learned a lot of software, and applied the newest technologies. We are always in search for possibilities to get the best result and renewing our soft and hardware constantly.

+300,000 Renders

It is hard to believe, but for 8 years of our business, we made more than 300,000 pictures and animations. It gave us a lot of experience and knowledge.

+100 Clients

We are proud of cooperation with more than 100 companies from +35 countries. We help to represent jewelry in different corners of our planet.

Our Team

Patrick Pool

Eugene Bashtanenko


10+ years of experience

Patrick Pool

Ihor Bashtanenko

Head of Tech

10+ years of experience

Patrick Pool

Valeriy Yatcenko

Senior 3d Artist

10+ years of experience

Patrick Pool

Olexander Sentsov

Junior 3d Artist

5 years of experience